Vibrators For Arthritis

Do you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis? Looking to buy a vibrator that you will be able to use easily? Well our sex toy experts here at Loving Joy have created a guide to help you choose the best vibrator if you do suffer from arthritis.

If you do suffer from arthritis then you may find it difficult to grip or hold objects for a longer period of time. Loving Joy wants everyone to enjoy their solo masturbation sessions as much as possible, even if you suffer from arthritis. As such we have a selection of sex toys that you may find it easier to use due to how you hold them, how they are controlled and their size. Magic massage wands are a great place to start as these have longer and larger handles, featuring larger buttons and vibrating heads, meaning that they can easily stimulate your erogenous zones. Using remote controlled vibrators, or vibrating panties can also be a great way to pleasure yourself without straining your joints as you can just pop the vibrator down their and then use the remote control to work through the different vibration functions. They are also great fun to use and try with your partner. Suction cup dildos can also be a great sex toy if you suffer from arthritis as it allows for you to use it hands free. You can simply attach a suction cup dildo to a flat surface and use it by simply grinding or bouncing up and down on it.

You can find all these types of sex toys on Loving Joy, but below are some of the top picks from our sex toy experts:

Loving Joy VITA Rechargeable Magic Wand Vibrator – £89.99

Loving Joy VITA Magic Wand Vibrator

The Loving Joy VITA is our first every wand vibrator! The VITA features a long ABS handle that is firm and extremely easy to grip. To turn this powerful wand vibrator on simply press and hold the power button. Once on you will feel the wand vibrate. You can then easily move through the different settings with the large button that allows you to go up and down through the different functions and settings. Find your favourite and use it to massage your erogenous zones whilst you grip the handle of this sex toy with both hands. If you do suffer from arthritis, but still want to use a vibrator, then we think this is the best one for you!

Loving Joy DUA Interchangeable Wand Vibrator with Rabbit Attachment – £99.99

The Loving Joy DUA Interchangeable Vibrator is one of Loving Joy DUA Interchangeable Vibratorour best selling sex toys and was voted as one of the best vibrators by the Good Housekeeping’s Tried and Tested Panel in 2018. The DUA comes with two different attachments, one that is a rabbit vibrator, and one that is a magic wand vibrator. These heads are very easy to change and swap over, simply untwist one and then twist the over back on to the power unit. At the power unit there is one button that is quite large, and extremely easy to push. To use the DUA simply push and hold this button and then press again to move through the different vibration settings.

Loving Joy Super Gybrator Remote Controlled Vibrating Dildo – £39.99

Loving Joy Realistic Vibrator with Remote Control

The Loving Joy Super Gybrator is the out best classic shaped dildo styled vibrator for people who suffer from arthritis. This is because the Gybrator has a suction cup meaning that you can stick it to any flat surface and use it hands free! Furthermore this vibrating dildo is remote controlled, meaning that you can change the vibration function and speed extremely easily, all with the click of a button! This realistic dildo is made from high quality TPE making it feel like the real thing. What separates this vibrator from others is that it does not only vibrate but simultaneously rotates, creating this extremely unusual gybrating style of vibration which feels phenomenal.

Loving Joy 10 Function Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg – £44.99

Loving Joy Remote Control Vibrating EggThis Remote Controlled Vibrating Love Egg is one of our most popular couples sex toys, it features a remote meaning that it can be controlled by your partner from up to 10 meters away. Although this is a very popular couples toy, it is also great for solo masturbation. You can simply insert the vibrating egg, and then use the remote control to work through the 10 powerful vibration settings this egg shaped vibrator has. The remote control is extremely easy and straight forward to use, it features three buttons, one to turn it on, one to move through the functions, and another that has a lightening bolt on it. Pressing this causes extremely powerful vibrations to be emitted for a total of 18 seconds which feel fantastic!

Loving Joy Bully Boy Realistic Vibrator – £9.99

Loving Joy Bully Boy Realistic VibratorIf you are looking for a realistic vibrator or a vibrating dildo that is easy to use then the Loving Joy Bully Boy is the perfect one for you! The bully boy features an easy to use twist and go styled control at the base which the more you twist the more powerful the vibrations become. Once you have found the speed you like you can then begin using the vibrating dildo in a thrusting motion, this means that you would have to fiddle around with the buttons and the speeds when you are using it.

If you have any more questions about the different types of vibrators for arthritis then please feel free to contact us via email and one of our sex toy experts will be more than happy to get back and answer your questions to the best of their ability. If you don’t think that any of these are right for you, then why not take a look at all of our vibrators.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]