Guide to Sex Dolls

Looking at buying a male sex toy? Think that a sex doll may be the best male masturbator for you? Well our male sex toy experts have created a guide explaining what a sex doll is, the types of sex dolls available, and their differences.

What are sex dolls?

Sex dolls are a male sex toy that is designed to resemble both in size and shape the anatomy of a human sexual partner. Sex dolls are designed primarily for the purpose of masturbation, and have become one of the most popular, and also searched for male masturbators.

Depending on the design of the sex doll, it may feature a face, be a whole body, or be only a part of the body. Some sex dolls are even interchangeable, meaning that you can choose different heads or limbs for your new sexual partner.

What are the different types of sex dolls?

There are many different types of sex dolls on the market, all consist of different materials, shapes or sizes. Below we shall list the different types of sex dolls, many of which you would have already heard of.

1. Silicone Sex Dolls

These are the most expensive types of sex dolls on the market. The silicone material used is extremely soft and feels extremely life like to the touch. They come in a wide variety of designs, and are modeled after both men or women. Companies are now also making AI sex dolls that feature different settings like ‘family mode’ or ‘philosophy mode’ where the doll can interact with you from a conversational aspect. These sex dolls are seen more as companions rather than just male masturbators.

2. TPE Sex Dolls

TPE are also very realistic in look, and also in feel as well. Compared with silicone, TPE is much softer and pliable. TPE sex dolls tend to be slightly cheaper than silicone and will feature a metal skeleton that can be moved into a position of your choice.

3. Cloth Sex Dolls

Unlike TPE and silicone sex dolls these are slightly less realistic in feel. Cloth dolls are usually stuffed, a bit like a teddy. They are designed to be less realistic and look a bit more anime or fantasy compared with other sex dolls. These sex dolls are much lighter than silicone or TPE sex dolls as they are stuffed and do not feature a skeleton for support.

4. Blow Up Dolls

Inflatable sex dolls are the most common, and most sold type of sex doll. This is because they are much more affordable compared with the other types of dolls that we have previously mentioned. Blow up dolls are typically made from PVC, but some can feature a plastic head to make them more realistic.

What is the difference between TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls?

TPE and silicone sex dolls are both amazing male sex toys due to their incredibly realistic nature and their ability to provide pleasure and comfort to the user. TPE tends to be a more popular material because they are slightly cheaper to buy, and also they are easier to move around. Silicone is popular because it is easy to clean and also more receptive to temperature, meaning that you can warm it up if you like.

Both are great choices and very popular materials because they are both flexible and easy to use. These types of sex dolls will usually feature a skeleton meaning that you can adjust the position that you can put it in.

Where can I buy a sex doll?

Currently Loving Joy has not created any sex dolls, however one of our many partners,, sell numerous different types of Sex Dolls, so you can buy a sex doll from them.