Sex Swings

A sex swing or a sex sling is a type of harness that is designed to allow two partners to have sexual intercourse whilst one is suspended on the sex swing, whilst the other moves freely.

There are many different varieties of sex swings, but the majority of sex swings have a back support, buttocks support and stirrups for either leg, which can all be adjusted whilst one partner is suspended.

Sex swings are a very popular type of bondage gear that is designed to assist in sexual activity. The main purpose of these sex toys is to make intercourse effortless and more exciting. It also allows you and your partner to try more unique and different sex positions.  Sex swings can be used for vaginal or anal sex, depending on which you prefer. Sex swings can also help handicapped and disabled people enjoy a wide range of different sexual activities.

Remember when using a sex swing to be careful and follow the provided instructions in order to avoid injury.

If you have any more questions on sex swings then please feel free to contact us and one of our sex toy experts will get back to you as soon as possible.