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Impound Male Chastity Devices

Enforced male chastity is fundamentally about the confinement of  a flaccid penis, however many enthusiasts also seek a device that will be comfortable to wear over prolonged periods of time. Impound was specifically designed to allow for this. Each cage is ergonomically designed to follow the curvature of a flaccid penis and every male chastity cage comes with three different sized rings so the wearer can find the most comfortable one for him. Furthermore each ring with a hinge comes with a piece of rubber to prevent the skin from pinching.

The range consists of four metal cage designs, Exhibition, Corkscrew, Gladiator and Spiral, all of which come with a black velvet drawstring bag for storage. Each cage has been incredibly well reviewed by customers throughout the world, and the brand is now recognised as one of the leaders in the male chastity field.