Vibrators: The Need To Know Guide

Jessica Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator

Vibrators are an extremely popular type of sex toy. These sex toys can be used for internal or external stimulation. Some vibrators can even stimulate both. Vibrators were originally created for women, however male vibrators have emerged and are now some very popular male sex toys.

In this post we will be mainly talking about vibrators as sex toys for women. However, if you would like to learn about vibrators for men, then take a look at our guide to male vibrators.

What Is A Vibrator

Vibrators are small electrical gadgets that have been developed to improve sexual pleasure through solo masturbation or partnered play. As the name suggests, these sex toys vibrate at different speeds to stimulate the genitals or other erogenous zones around the body.

There are many different types of vibrators available, some designed for clitoral stimulation, some for internal, and some that stimulate both. What all these vibrators have in common are the power settings that allow you to choose how powerful the vibrations are, and also the pattern settings to determine the vibration style. When you have bought your vibrator we recommend going through these functions with your hand so you can familiarize yourself with them.

As there are so many different types of vibrators available we will go through some of the most popular types below. This should help make choosing a the right vibrator for you even easier. We will also outline the best vibrator in this category.

If you already know that you are after a vibrator, but aren’t sure which is the right one for you, then take a look below at some of our best vibrators.

If you want to continue learning about vibrators, the different types, and how to use them to help you make an informed buying decision, then read on.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are one of the most popular types of female sex toys, and also an incredibly popular type of vibrator.

These vibrating sex toys were first made famous in a Sex and The City episode. After that episode aired, rabbit vibrators quickly became a must have sex toy for every women.

Rabbit vibrators are designed to deliver Rabbit Vibrator Illustrationsimultaneous clitoral and internal stimulation. Utilizing the two independent sections correctly can lead to what is known as a blended orgasm. This is where the user will experience a simultaneous clitoral and internal orgasm.

Our best rabbit vibrator is the Jessica Rabbit G-Spot Slim Vibrator. This rabbit vibrator features a slim shaft, making it perfect for beginners. The shaft also features a curved tip that is perfect for g-spot stimulation.

This slim rabbit vibrator features four rows of metal beads that are designed to rotate in various ways. It also features bunny ears that offer six different vibration settings.

You can buy the Jessica Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator today for only £29.99.

Alternatively if you don’t think this is the right rabbit vibrator for you, then take a look at our full guide to the best rabbit vibrators. Alternatively, take a look below at some of our most popular rabbit vibrators.

Bullet Vibrators or Clitoral Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are a type of clitoral vibrator that are primarily designed for external stimulation. This stimulation can be clitoral, or on other erogenous zones like the nipples.

Bullet vibrators are a type of small and discreet vibrator and get their name as they are usually shaped like a bullet. These vibrators are some of the most popular vibrators for beginners. They are also great to take away on holiday or if you are travelling as they are very small in size.

Bullet vibrators usually feature a flat or pointed tip Bullet Vibrator Illustrationto allow for direct, targeted clitoral stimulation. These vibrators are very easy to use and often feature a one button control on the base.

Our best bullet vibrator is the Loving Joy Power Bullet Vibrator. This small and discreet sex toy has been one of our best selling vibrators ever since it was voted as one of the best vibrators by the Good Housekeeping Tried and Tested Panel in 2017.

This bullet vibrator features a whopping 20 functions that includes three different speeds and 17 settings. This is the most powerful bullet vibrator that we have in our selection.

You can buy the Loving Joy Power Bullet Vibrator today for only £38.99.

If you would like a bullet or clitoral vibrator but don’t think that this is the right one for you, then take a look at our full guide to the best bullet vibrators. Alternatively, take a look below at some of our popular bullet vibrators.

Wand Vibrators

Wand vibrators are some of the most powerful vibrators that you can buy. They were originally created and marketed as sports massagers, however they were quickly discovered to give direct, powerful stimulation to erogenous zones.

Wand vibrators usually consist of a rounded ball Wand Vibrator Illustrationthat vibrates. This ball is then attached to a handle via a slim neck that absorbs a lot of the vibration. This means that the vibration does not travel to the handle, so the user won’t get numb hands. The neck is also flexible, allowing for the vibrating ball to bend slightly.

Our best wand vibrator is the Loving Joy VITA Rechargeable Magic Wand Vibrator. This is an excellent massaging device as it is rechargeable and extremely powerful. This means that you don’t need to plug it in to get the power like you would with wand vibrators such as the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Doxy Wand Vibrator.

The Loving Joy VITA Wand Vibrator has a silicone head that is velvety smooth to touch. The handle is long and made from ABS. The vibrating ball is joined by a silicone neck that prevents the powerful vibrations from travelling to the handle. The handle features easy to control buttons that allow you to easily move through the 10 powerful settings this vibrator has.

You can buy the Loving Joy VITA Magic Wand Vibrator today for only £89.99.

If you don’t think that this is the right wand vibrator for you, then take a look at our full guide on the best wand vibrators. Alternatively, take a look below at some of our other popular wand vibrators.

G-Spot Vibrators

G-spot vibrators are a type of vibrator that has been specifically designed to provide g-spot stimulation. Female g-spot vibrators are some of the most popular sex toys to use when trying to achieve female ejaculation. This is because stimulating the g-spot correctly can lead to a women squirting.

G-spot vibrators usually feature a curved shaft withG-Spot Vibrator Illustration a flat tip. This allows the vibrator the massage the bean shaped erogenous zone directly. Some g-spot vibrators can also be rabbit vibrators and stimulate the clitoris at the same time.

Our best g-spot vibrator is the Loving Joy FLUX Silicone Bendable G-Spot Vibrator. This g-spot vibrator features a curved, flexible shaft, that can be bent to provide even more pressure to the g-spot. It features a flat tip to give it a larger surface area, making stimulation even easier.

The Loving Jo Flux Bendable G-Spot Vibrator features an easy to use control pad that allows you to control the 10 powerful functions. This silicone vibrator also has a textured shaft for added stimulation.

You can buy the Loving Joy FLUX Silicone Bendable G-Spot Vibrator today for only £54.95.

If you like the idea of a g-spot vibrator, but don’t think this is the right one for you, then take a look below at some of our popular g-spot vibrators.

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote control vibrators are a great female sex toy, but also a fantastic sex toy for couples. These vibrators come in a variety of different types, including realistic vibrators, strap-on vibrators, and even vibrating eggs.

Remote control vibrators are usually made up of a Vibrating Love Egg Illustrationtype of vibrator, and a remote control. The remote control allows for ease of use and control.

Our best remote control vibrator is the Loving Joy 10 Function Rechargeable Remote Controlled Love Egg. This remote vibrator is extremely easy to use. The remote control has three buttons, one to turn the sex toy on, one to move through the modes, and one for the climax mode. Climax mode is the most powerful setting that this vibrating egg features, and increases the strength of the vibration for 18 seconds.

You can buy the Loving Joy 10 Function Remote Controlled Egg today for only £44.99!

If you don’t think this remote vibrator is the one for you, then take a look at our full guide on the best remote control vibrators. Alternatively, take a look below at some of our popular remote control vibrators.

If you have any more questions about the types of vibrators then take a look at our beginners guide to vibrators.

How To Use A Vibrator

Vibrators are designed to be as easy to use as possible. They feature easy to use buttons, and various functions that you can move through very easily. 

Below is a brief outline and some top tips to consider when using a vibrating sex toy.

Find Your Erogenous Zones

Most Vibrators are designed to be used externally and provide targeted clitoral stimulation. This is because many women need direct clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm. This means that many women will want to use their vibrator for external stimulation.

However, there are many other erogenous zones to stimulate in order to give you an incredible orgasm. Many vibrators are also designed for internal stimulation. This is because many women also like the feeling and motion of penetration.

So also try to use your vibrator for internal stimulation. If you would like to experience g-spot stimulation, then buy a g-spot vibrator. These vibrating sex toys are specifically designed to stimulate your g-spot. Your g-spot is located inside your vagina, underneath your clitoris.

A combination of both internal and external stimulation can lead to what is known as a blended orgasm. This is where you climax internally and externally at the same time. A rabbit vibrator is the best sex toy to help you achieve this.

In summary, before using any sex toy, make sure that you know the things you like and don’t like, as well as where your sensitive areas are.

Experiment With You Vibrator

Before applying pressure to your erogenous zones with a vibrator, it is very important to know your vibrator. We don’t mean sit it down or meet it for a coffee, we mean get to know the functions. Go through the different functions, making sure you know how to control the vibrator, and scroll through them. By doing this you may find a vibrating functions that you know your body will enjoy, so you may want to skip straight to this.

Once you understand and know your vibrator slowly bring it down to your groin area. Run the vibrating sex toy over yourself, remembering which feels best. Start off by teasing yourself with your new vibrator, this will increase your arousal and get you ready to apply it to your erogenous zones.

If you have a clitoral vibrator start off slow, and on the first setting. If this is the first time you have used a clitoral vibrator then it is very likely you will climax extremely quickly. Once you are comfortable with your vibrator, start moving through the different vibration settings that it has, finding ones that you enjoy. Use the pointed tip for direct stimulation, or even the whole thing to massage your labia.

If you have a penetration toy like a g-spot vibrator or rabbit vibrator, then it is very important to lubricate the sex toy before inserting it. This will reduce friction and make insertion even easier. Start off using the sex toy in the same way, using it to massage your erogenous zones. When you are comfortable and feel ready, slowly begin to insert it into your vagina. Once inserted slowly move through the vibration functions, and experiment with different amounts of pressure on your erogenous zones.

Use The Point

If your vibrator has a point or an edge, then try putting the point onto your erogenous zones for even stronger stimulation. Most bullet vibrators or clitoral vibrators will have a point or flat surface that will allow you to do this.

Teach Your Partner

Now you are familiar with your vibrating sex toy it is time to get your lover involved! In any relationship, communication is key, so don’t just whip your sex toy out in front of your partner, discuss bringing it into your love life first.

Once you have confirmed that your partner is happy to use your vibrator during sex, you will need to teach them the ropes! Show them how to move through the vibration patterns and functions.

Sex toys are designed to improve sexual pleasure and showing your partner how to use your vibrator and what it can do for the both of you can really help to improve your sex life. It can even make your sex play even more adventurous.

Go Hands Free

If you have a bullet vibrator or clitoral vibrator why not try going hands free? Try turning your bullet vibrator on and slipping it into your underwear. This allows you to focus on other erogenous areas. Using a vibrator like this can really allow you to try different positions, you could use it on a chair, or even whilst laying on your front.

Take Your Time

Remember, when using a vibrating sex toy to never rush into it. Use your vibrator on the lowest speed settings, getting used to the vibrations before working up to a higher setting. Also, always remember to let the vibrator do the work! These vibrating sex toys have been specifically designed to get you off! So sit back, relax, and enjoy them!

If you would like to find out how to use a specific vibrator then take a look at our vibrator guides. Here you will be able to find numerous guides to help you use your vibrator properly.

Why It Is Healthy To Use A Vibrator

Sexual pleasure in general is healthy, so using a vibrator to aid this is good for you. Using a vibrating sex toy during solo masturbation can lead you to discover what turns you on without having the pressure or expectations from your partner. Using vibrators allow you to explore your body and can lead you to enjoy sexual penetration or partnered play even more!

How To Clean A Vibrator

Cleaning a vibrator is very straight forward and easy. Many people stress the importance of it, and there is good reason for it. Keeping your vibrator clean will not only prolong the life of your sex toy, but will also prevent any bacteria from growing on it.

You can clean your vibrator with a specifically formulated sex toy cleaner, or you can even use warm water. We advise against using soap as this can upset the natural pH balance of your vagina.

If you have any more questions on vibrators then please feel free to contact us and one of our sex toy experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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