Flex-tastic News – Loving Joy Releases Two New Silicone Vibrators

Loving Joy FLUX Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

After the high profile launches of the Loving Joy Versa, DUA, VITA and TUX, Loving Joy is expanded once again with not one, but two new vibrating toys, FLEX and FLUX.

Loving Joy started to revamp its brandback in 2016 with an overall re-design of the packaging of existing products, the release of a whole array of supporting sub-brands and a new focus on high quality sex toys.

The brand’s new look adapted a more modern, sleek and simplified image with a dual-colour scheme that offers a more unified and easy visual guide for consumers when shopping in-store. Loving Joy has also seen the launch of 5 bestselling sub-brands – Furry Fantasy, Impound, Precious Metals, Bound and Spectrum – in the last 3 years, taking the brand to new markets and attracting new consumers. All the while, the main Loving Joy range hasn’t been neglected either with blockbusting launches marking every year in the wholesaler’s calendar – 2017 Versa, 2018 DUA and VITA, 2019 TUX – and smaller releases in the Real Feel and the Essentials ranges becoming industry must-haves overnight.

We’ve been very methodological in the last couple of years with our product selection as well as the Loving Joy image – says Sebastian Gonzalez, Loving Joy’s CEO. We’ve been looking at our entire catalogue and kept trying to find gaps – no matter how big or small – to determine what our customers would benefit from the most. We are really stingy when it comes to the margins we want to offer to retailers, so sometimes this approach resulted in us fishing around for a specific item for ages, but the outcome is always worth it. We’ve been waiting for the right massager wand to add to our catalogue, and eventually, the VITA did not disappoint. We’ve been hunting for a good remote-controlled cock ring, and now that we finally got there, the TUX is everything we could have wished for. Adding a silicone rabbit vibrator to the Loving Joy range has long been our aim, and now we are finally ready to present the FLEX and the FLUX to the world.

The two new vibrators got their names from their flexible shafts that allow users to bend the toys to get a better anatomical fit or reach hard-to-target erogenous zones. The customisable curvature should help consumers in stimulating their G-spots and will make these powerful vibrating toys adaptable to a variety of anatomies. Made of silicone, these vibrators are body-safe, rechargeable, waterproof and feature 10 different speed and function settings. Sitting in the beautiful and stylish white-purple box that made the DUA and other high-end Loving Joy products so desirable, the FLEX and the FLUX are set to become bestsellers at the generous price point.

Ever since the runaway success of the DUA we knew we wanted to add more silicone vibrators to Loving Joy, it is the most popular sex toy material at the moment after all – continued Gonzalez. We’ve gone through so many samples before we found the FLEX and the FLUX so we are really pleased that we can unveil them finally. The flexibility of the shaft on both of these is pretty unique – we haven’t seen many rabbit or g-spot vibrators that allow for such customisation. We were also taken by the power of these toys, and the lovely texture added to the smooth silicone that will enhance internal sensations.

I suspect that our customers will want to know if these lovely new releases will come with the usual generous Loving Joy pricing, and of course, they will! With the potential to make really decent margins, we expect that the FLEX and the FLUX will both outperform similar products on the market. We can’t wait for these two new vibrators to take their rightful place next to our existing Loving Joy royalty, don’t miss out on the glorious crowning of these new bestsellers!

The Loving Joy FLEX Silicone Bendable Rabbit Vibrator (N11135) and the Loving Joy FLUX Silicone Bendable G-Spot Vibrator are available to buy now.

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