Bound To Tease Diamante Paddle

SKU N7753
power None required
Size (Imperial) 13" x 3.3"
Size (Metric) 33cm x 8.37
Meterial leather/faux fur
Weight - gms
Barcode -

Say how you feel - the kinky way! Names might now hurt you just the tiniest bit... but you're sure to like it. True kink is to be found with this Bound to Tease Diamante Paddle which spells out how you feel about your play partner. A sensation extravaganza, this paddle combines the sensuality of a pure leather side, whilst the other combines soft, strokeable fur and either 'Bitch' or 'Slut' in diamante decorative lettering. Perfectly complimented by the rest of the Bound to Tease collection found in our other items. *Purple - Slut *Pink - Sexy